Kearsarge Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Stone Chapel, Proctor Academy, Andover, NH
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Selected Sermons

Sermons for which the text or notes are available may be accessed through the links found below.


2/5/17 Barbara Meyers TRUST, DOUBT, DESPAIR, and ACTION


Henry Howell

Veteran's Day Service


Rev. Les Norman

Fathers and Sons



Barbara Meyers       

Lou Botta

Living in Dangerious Times: What Would *** Say?




Jane Guise

Rev. Bill Nelson

Celebrating Current Non-Violence Peace-Building

The Riddle of the Summer Solstice

6/14/15 Rev. Bill Nelson The Many Ways of Seeing
6/7/15 Rev. Bill Nelson Carpe Diem
5/31/15 Rev. Bill Nelson Tempus Fugit
4/12/15 Kathy Vashro, Tom Maloof, Tom Graves  Member's Credos
10/20/13 Rev. Dick Dutton Sun, Moon, and Stars
5/05/13 Rev. Dick Dutton Take Time to Sharpen Your Axe
5/05/13 Rev. Bill Nelson Living a Full Life
4/28/13 Rev. Dick Dutton Joie de Vivre
3/24/13 Rev. Dick Dutton Crosses
2/17/13 Rev. Dick Dutton Not Enough Silence
1/27/13 Rev. Dick Dutton A Team of Rivals
12/30/12 Rev. Dick Dutton Help Me Make Beginnings
10/28/12 Rev. Dick Dutton The Next President of the U.S.A.
9/16/12 Rev. Caroline Fairless Where Technology and Spiritual Expression Meet
6/03/12 Rev. Dick Dutton Your Commencement Address
9/25/11 Rev. Dick Dutton Science Without Humanity
9/11/11 Rev. Dick Dutton Shalom, Salem, Salaam
6/19/11 Hardy Hasenfuss Why Worry?
6/05/11 Rev. Dick Dutton Education Without Character
5/22/11 Rev. Dick Dutton Pleasure Without Conscience
5/15/11 Rev. Dick Dutton Commerce Without Morality
3/20/11 Rev. Dick Dutton Wealth Without Work
3/06/11 Rev. Bill Nelson The Concept of God, Part II:  Where is God?
2/27/11 Rev. Dick Dutton Politics Without Principles
2/28/10 Rev. Dick Dutton Celebrate Diversity
1/24/10 Rev. Dick Dutton God Beyond God
9/28/08 Rev. Dick Dutton !!! And ??? Certainties and Questions
9/21/08 Rev. Bill Nelson The Irony of Success
9/7/08 Rev. Bill Nelson Memories, Dreams, and New Beginnings
6/8/08 Rev. Bill Nelson Living and Partly Living; A Faith for Our Time
6/1/08 Rev. Emily Burr Tell Me About the God You Don’t Believe In
4/20/08 Rev. Emily Burr

The Faith of Science and the Science of Faith

6/3/07 Rev. Emily Burr Peacemaking
2/11/07 George Peterson More Bits and Pieces or A Little Here, A Little There
1/21/07 Rev. Emily Burr Buddhism – Striving on With Awareness
12/10/06 George Peterson My Theology of Pain
11/5/06 Rev. Emily Burr The Great Story
6/18/06 George Peterson Happy Father's Day
6/11/06 Rev. Dick Dutton Healing the World, Today
5/7/06 Rev. Emily Burr Why Do We Hate?
4/30/06  Rev. Nancy Donnelly The Dead Sea Scrolls
 10/16/05  Earl Abbe Christianity, Gnosticism, and The Da Vinci Code
7/25/04 Earl Abbe Islam and Jihad


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