Kearsarge Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Stone Chapel, Proctor Academy, Andover, NH
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Selected Sermons

Sermons for which the text or notes are available may be accessed through the links found below

12/3/17    Lou Botta                   It Gets Better
Matt Weinstein


Rev. Dick Dutton

The Second Arrow





Rev. Ken Sawyer

Rev. Dick Dutton

Rev. David Robins

Why aren't you Perfect Yet?

Freedom from Fear





Henry Howell

Veteran's Day Service


Rev. Les Norman

Fathers and Sons



Barbara Meyers       

Lou Botta

Living in Dangerious Times: What Would *** Say?




Jane Guise

Rev. Bill Nelson

Celebrating Current Non-Violence Peace-Building

The Riddle of the Summer Solstice

6/14/15 Rev. Bill Nelson The Many Ways of Seeing
6/7/15 Rev. Bill Nelson Carpe Diem
5/31/15 Rev. Bill Nelson Tempus Fugit
4/12/15 Kathy Vashro, Tom Maloof, Tom Graves  Member's Credos
10/20/13 Rev. Dick Dutton Sun, Moon, and Stars
5/05/13 Rev. Dick Dutton Take Time to Sharpen Your Axe
5/05/13 Rev. Bill Nelson Living a Full Life
4/28/13 Rev. Dick Dutton Joie de Vivre
3/24/13 Rev. Dick Dutton Crosses
2/17/13 Rev. Dick Dutton Not Enough Silence
1/27/13 Rev. Dick Dutton A Team of Rivals
12/30/12 Rev. Dick Dutton Help Me Make Beginnings
10/28/12 Rev. Dick Dutton The Next President of the U.S.A.
9/16/12 Rev. Caroline Fairless Where Technology and Spiritual Expression Meet
6/03/12 Rev. Dick Dutton Your Commencement Address
9/25/11 Rev. Dick Dutton Science Without Humanity
9/11/11 Rev. Dick Dutton Shalom, Salem, Salaam
6/19/11 Hardy Hasenfuss Why Worry?
6/05/11 Rev. Dick Dutton Education Without Character
5/22/11 Rev. Dick Dutton Pleasure Without Conscience
5/15/11 Rev. Dick Dutton Commerce Without Morality
3/20/11 Rev. Dick Dutton Wealth Without Work
3/06/11 Rev. Bill Nelson The Concept of God, Part II:  Where is God?
2/27/11 Rev. Dick Dutton Politics Without Principles
2/28/10 Rev. Dick Dutton Celebrate Diversity
1/24/10 Rev. Dick Dutton God Beyond God
9/28/08 Rev. Dick Dutton !!! And ??? Certainties and Questions
9/21/08 Rev. Bill Nelson The Irony of Success
9/7/08 Rev. Bill Nelson Memories, Dreams, and New Beginnings
6/8/08 Rev. Bill Nelson Living and Partly Living; A Faith for Our Time
6/1/08 Rev. Emily Burr Tell Me About the God You Don’t Believe In
4/20/08 Rev. Emily Burr

The Faith of Science and the Science of Faith

6/3/07 Rev. Emily Burr Peacemaking
2/11/07 George Peterson More Bits and Pieces or A Little Here, A Little There
1/21/07 Rev. Emily Burr Buddhism – Striving on With Awareness
12/10/06 George Peterson My Theology of Pain
11/5/06 Rev. Emily Burr The Great Story
6/18/06 George Peterson Happy Father's Day
6/11/06 Rev. Dick Dutton Healing the World, Today
5/7/06 Rev. Emily Burr Why Do We Hate?
4/30/06  Rev. Nancy Donnelly The Dead Sea Scrolls
 10/16/05  Earl Abbe Christianity, Gnosticism, and The Da Vinci Code
7/25/04 Earl Abbe Islam and Jihad


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